Who we are

Aerotics technologies committed to satisfy customer expectations by delivering solutions and services through state of the art processes and continual improvement frameworks in line with contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements

Our Mission:
Is to create and deliver a Quality Technical Publication documents to our Customer to make them the best in world market.

Our Vision:
To achieve our mission we started with training programs for different vertical that we work for to make our professionals imbued with commitment, excellence, responsibility and integrity through advanced level of instruction and research to meet the standards that we promises to our customer.


What we do & how we do.

  • We support customers in projects design, development, analysis, research and implementation.
  • We work with Research and Development team of Aerospace, Robotics and drone manufacturers to provide a quality Next generation technical services.
  • We provide internship and skill development training programs on Aerospace Technical publication and Drones.
  • We take responsibility of product quality.
  • Our ideology is to reduce cost and time to Customer.
  • We work based on OTAACE (On Time At or Above Customer Expectation).

Our skills and expertise

Aerospace and Defence


Locomotives Systems


Industrial Engineering


Heavy Engineering


Our Best Services and Training.